Lemsteraak sailing to Waddensea from Heeg

Flatbottom sailing from Heeg to the frisian Waddensea

Heeg - Stavoren (or on uninhabited island) - Makkum - Harlingen - Terschelling - Vlieland - Workum - Heeg

Friday 14.00 - Friday 9.00 o'clock or Monday 14.00 - Monday 9.00 o'clock

  7 overnachtingen, 7 Übernachtungen, 7 nights

Sailing trip West Wadden Sea, Lemsteraak from Heeg direction Terschelling


Places to stay the night:

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  Stavoren is the oldest of all Frisian cities, Hanzestad and one of the Frisian eleven cities. The beautiful and cozy water sports town is best known for its legend of the wife of Stavoren.

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Marrekrite, mooring on an island

  The recreational Marrekrite, a club of governments (province and 21 municipalities) manages a large number of free berths for water sports in Friesland. These are really nice places in nature to stay the night.

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  Makkum, located on the IJsselmeer, is known as a watersports resort and offers a historic center. Makkum is known for his ceramics ...

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Zeeschouw DOLLE DRIES Zeeschouw DOLLE DRIES in the lock Kornwerderzand ...
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  The only sea port of Friesland, certainly worth a visit to the ports with a large fleet is traditional sailing ships.

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  Terschelling is one of the largest Wadden Islands and the third inhabited island. Terschelling is considered as a bicycle island under the Wadden islands with 70 kilometers of cycle paths. Nice to visit: Café De Walvis, right on the beach, beautiful view of the mudflats, biking, forest walks, ...

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  Vlieland is the smallest inhabited island of the Dutch Wadden Islands and is furthest from the coast. Vlieland is covered with greenery and offers many high dunes, long beaches, clear sea water and forests. There are no cars on this island. Beautiful sandy beach close to the port, ideal for children ...

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Stevenaak AALTJE ENGELINA, Workum Stevenaak AALTJE ENGELINA marina Workum close to the lock ...
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  The city of Workum is in the southwest corner of Friesland and is one of the oldest cities in the province. Workum has had city status since 1399 and is one of the Frisian eleven cities. A dug waterway, the Wymerts, linked the harbour with the Frisian inland lakes.
Workum has something for everyone, from Jopie Huisman to cosy terraces and from guild biers to natural values. You can enjoy the beautiful paintings from old iron and lamp merchant Jopie Huisman, but there is also a museum where you can get acquainted with Workum’s rich history.

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  This Frisian village is also called the eldorado for water sports lovers. Heeg is situated next to the Heegermeer and connected to all waterways in Friesland. As such, the village is very centrally located and has something to offer for every lover of the lakes. The village has several marinas and dockyards, rental companies, and excellent water sports facilities. The hospitality industry is well represented, because especially in the summer months the waterfront terraces are busy.

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Rent a flat bottom boat and sail from Heeg along the Frisian coast to the Dutch Wadden Sea via the lock at Kornwerderzand and Harlingen. Visit the Frisian islands of Terschelling and Vlieland, both excellent destinations. Traditional sailors rent in Friesland, from Heeg, Leeuwarden, Makkum and Stavoren. Lemsteraken, Zeeschouw, Vollenhovense Bol, Vissermanaak in the rental, the reservation Cantor is located in the capital of Friesland, in Leeuwarden. Lemsteraak sail on the Ostwatt to Schiermonnkoog and Ameland, via Lauwersoog to Friesland. From Heeg via Kornwerderzand to the Dutch Wadden Sea. Rent a boat with Platbodemverhuur Friesland - Sailcharter Leeuwarden.

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