Lemsteraken and other flat boats for rent from several ports in Friesland

Enjoy the special atmosphere on a classic, traditional sailing ship ...

• explore the cozy Frisian inland waters ...
• Discover the maritime history of the Netherlands in the ports on the IJsselmeer ...
• visit the Dutch frisian islands with a flat bottom boat ...
• You can not sail? Book a cabin at the AALTJE ENGELINA and just sail with us ...

From the season 2019 we (Platbodemverhuur Friesland) offer flat bottom boats in different sizes for 2 to 34 people from different home ports in Friesland. The ships are maintained by the owners in the winter months with much effort and love professional, u.a. serviced and maintained by the support of the shipyard "Watersport Twee Provinciën".
The crew of Platbodemverhuur Friesland has more than 20 years of experience in both chartering, sailing and sailing with these ships, for you to be well advised and competent in the choice of the ship, we are also happy to assist you the trip planning, ...

Homeports of the boats Makkum, Stavoren, Heeg and Leeuwarden, home ports of our flat bottoms

Diverse Abfahrthafen in Friesland:

Port of departure Stavoren: What possibilities ? What advantages ?
Boats: Lemsteraak ELISABETH, Clipper DY ABT FAN STARUM
Stavoren is located directly on the Frisian coast, the berth of Lemsteraak ELISABETH is in the inland port. For guests with little experience on flatboats, the great inland rivers and the Hegumer Meer offers plenty space to try out the sailing with this kind of boat. You do not pass a lock and can get comfortable with the Lemsteraak. To the east / northeast there are beautiful places, such as Heeg, Woudsend ... as well as the opportunity to stay at one of the countless Marrekrite places in nature. With much wind on Wadden Sea and IJsselmeer, the Frisian lakes offer a great protected sailing area.
From the mooring place of the Lemsteraak ELISABETH you will be in about 15 minutes at the lock to the IJsselmeer. Depending on the wind direction, you sail along the Frisian coast to the north (Hindeloopen, Workum, Makkum) to then pass the lock Kornwerderzand to sail a Wadden Sea cruise. For a detailed sailing trip suggestion of this route, see: a week Wadden Sea from Stavoren. (route suggestion coming soon)
If you do not (yet) want to be on tidal waters, the IJsselmeer offers worthwhile and interesting destinations in almost every wind direction. Enkhuizen with its open-air museum, Monnickendam with the option of taking a bus to Amsterdam, Lelystad with the Batavia shipyard, just to name a few. We have prepared a one-week sailing trip proposal from Stavoren on the IJsselmeer. Of course, this trip is also dependent on the wind direction ... (route suggestion coming soon)
Port of departure Leeuwarden: What possibilities ? What advantages ?
From Leeuwarden you can reach in max. 3.5 hours the Frisian coast, the port city of Harlingen. You drive on the Van Harinxmakanal, pass a few 12-meter-wide bridges along the way, and you may have to wait a bit in front of one or the other, ideal situations to practice the maneuvering with the hired sailor and get to know the driving and maneuvering characteristics of the charter ship. With appropriate wind directions, you can also sail on this wide channel (on the furling jib).
Leeuwarden is the ideal starting point for trips on the Dutch Wadden Sea. Within a week you can visit all Frisian island, Vlieland, Terschelling, Ameland and Schiermonnikoog. With wind direction from the East you sail by Dokkum, the Lauwersmeer and go in Lauwersoog through the lock on the Wadden Sea to Schiermonnikoog and then direction west, until then you come from Vlieland to Harlingen and from there drive back to Leeuwarden. With south- or western winds, you drive the trip the other way round. For a detailed sailing trip suggestion of this route, see: Sailing trip, one week Wadden Sea.
If there is a lot of wind (forecast) it will be wise to take the Steady Mast Route to Grou and then on to Sneek. The Frisian inland waters have their own charm, there is plenty to see on the way, nice little places that invite to stay. Jetties built in the nature, stay overnight on an uninhabited island, ... The distances on the Standing Mast Route from Leeuwarden to places in Friesland and to ports on the coast can be found at Staande Mast Route Friesland.
Port of departure Heeg: What possibilities ? What advantages ?
Boats: Lemsteraak ZEPHYRUS, Zeeschouw TRIJEMANSKIP and Vollenhovense Bol IRREGJE HELENA
Heeg is the home port of the Lemsteraak ZEPHYRUS, Zeeschouw TRIJEMANSKIP and the Vollenhovense Bol IRREGIE HELENA. From the berth in the harbor you have direct access to the Heegermeer, a large lake that continues south into the lake Fluessen and ultimately via a channel to Stavoren on the coast leads to the IJsselmeer. The Heeger Meer and Fluessen are an ideal sailingarea for the shallow Vollenhovense Bol and the Zeeschouw, numerous overnight stays in nature on an island offer themselves. An ideal area for practicing the rented sailboat a bit and getting to know the sailing and maneuvering characteristics of the ship.
From Heeg you can also drive north, a little over the Prinses-Magriet-Kanaal in the direction of Sneek (about 10 kilometers further north). Also, the Sneekermeer is a fairly large lake with countless landing possibilities of Marrekrite in nature. Sneek as a special water sports resort is always worth a night, of course. It is possible to sail further north (drive) to Grou with the Pikmeer and the adjoining nature reserve "De Alde Feanen", a former peat mining area that offers a special charm in every season.

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