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Holiday in Friesland, boating vacation, holiday home, ...

Rent motorboats, cottage in the middle of the forest in Overijssel, sailing on the AALTJE ENGELINA, hotel ship in the winter months, Marrekrite moorings...

The Netherlands offers excellent sailing areas not only for sailors, but also a special sailing area for motorboat and houseboat lovers: Boating holidays in Friesland, probably the most beautiful area for license-free boat holidays, offers hundreds of kilometers of waterways and lakes.
With a boat with low headroom, you can drive aside the larger channels, you can go on the small waters and seek out in sociable little places or even in nature. Of course, the well-known water sports places you can visit too.

Yachtcharter Leeuwarden and Friesland, the perfect combination for your boating vacation in Netherlands !
In the north of Friesland, from the Frisian capital Leeuwarden, we rent out motor boats and houseboats for any water sports enthusiast. Our company is located in the south of Leeuwarden, in the middle of a beautiful residential area. The ideal starting place for boating holidays in Holland Friesland.

Yachtcharter Leeuwarden

Yachtcharter Leeuwarden

Yachtcharter Leeuwarden, rents out license-free, classic motor boats and houseboats for 2-12 people from Leeuwarden, boating holiday in Friesland...

The address for boat owners in Friesland: Watersport TweeProvinciën in Leeuwarden offers everything for your boat, your yacht: Storage, indoor - outdoor, winter storage, repair, maintenance, care, paint, woodwork, technical service ...

Watersport Twee Provinciën

Watersport Twee Provinciën

Watersport Twee Provinciën, everything for your yacht: Winter storage, parking, repair, maintenance, service, ...

For "water-shy" nature lovers, there is a holiday home "Witte Bergen 69" in IJhorst, in the province of Overijssel. This sociable, comfortable holidayhome offers 6 guests in 3 bedrooms, a spacious living area and terrace plenty of space. The house is situated on a nature park near Meppel, in the middle of a forest. The direct surroundings offer many opportunities for hiking, walking and cycling.

Holiday Home Witte Bergen 69

Holiday Home Witte Bergen 69, IJhorst Overijssel

Holiday Home Witte Bergen 69, in IJhorst, Overijssel, cozy cottage for 6 people on a nature park in the middle of the forest ...

You are not a sailer, you can't drive by yourself with a motor yacht, but you still like to go on the water?
Then book a half-board cabin on the Stevenaak AALTJE ENGELINA, a 22.50 meter long traditional sailing ship, and sail to the Dutch islands.



Classic sailing ship, 22.5 meters long, 10-12 guests, group charter and cruise ships on the Wadden Sea, in off season and winter used as hotel ship in Leeuwarden ...

Free moorings in scenic surroundings: Friesland offers you more than 3,500 Marrekrite mooring sites in the most unique spots that put you right in the middle of natural beauty. Perfect places to tie up for three days, at no cost, and enjoy Friesland’s natural wonders....



approx. 3500 free mooring sites at over 285 locations and approx. 50 km of quay and sheet pile wall of which at least 9 km of landing stage and 5 km of sheet pile wall are made of recycled plastic ...

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Spend your holiday & vacation in the Netherlands. Rent motorboats, cottage in the middle of the forest in Overijssel, sailing on the AALTJE ENGELINA, hotel ship in the winter months, Marrekrite moorings... Water sports in Friesland - Sailing yachts charter, Netherland,flat bottom sailing boats - Dutch Yacht Charter, Boating holidays an Netherlands inland waterways. Sailing Barge holidays and cruise vacations on frisian canals and seas. Our barges offer all the comforts of home while, cruising on the water.

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