One week sailing on IJsselmeer from Heeg

Sailing holiday on IJsselmeer starting in Heeg

Heeg - Stavoren (or uninhabited island) - Enkhuizen - Medemblik - Makkum - Hindeloopen - Lemmer - Heeg

Friday 14.00 - Friday 9.00 o'clock or Monday 14.00 - Monday 9.00 o'clock

  7 overnachtingen, 7 Übernachtungen, 7 nights

Sailing on IJsselmeer for one week starting at marina Heeg


Places for the night:

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  Stavoren is the oldest of all Frisian cities, Hanzestad and one of the Frisian eleven cities. The beautiful and cozy water sports town is best known for its legend of the wife of Stavoren.

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Marrekrite, mooring on an island

  The recreational Marrekrite, a club of governments (province and 21 municipalities) manages a large number of free berths for water sports in Friesland.

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  The history of the United East India Company (Verenigde Oostindische Compagnie, VOC) is still clearly visible in Enkhuizen. In the 17th and 18th centuries, the VOC was the largest trading company in the world, sailing with its magnificent ships to East Asia for trade. The Drommedaris, the defense tower at the harbor, and the center with the historic buildings are reminiscent of this prosperous time.
In the open-air museum "Zuiderzeemuseum", we recommend a visit, craftsmen show their work and get an impression of life by the sea.

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  In the center of the oldest town of West Frisia you will find modern and historic juxtaposition. Modern yachts and historic ships from the brown fleet moor in the well-kept harbors of the historic city center. On one of the terraces you can watch the people on the water while having a drink. Here is a stop Museumstoomtram Hoorn-Medemblik, ...

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Marrekrite moorings Typical Marrekrite moorings in Friesland ...
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  Makkum, located on the IJsselmeer, is known as a watersports resort and offers a historic center. Makkum is known for his ceramics ...

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  Among other things, Hindeloopen is known for its traditional costume, typical painting, characteristic frontages and its many small, wooden bridges. This little town is also one of the 11 Frisian cities of the famous "Elfstedentocht" (Eleven Cities Tour), a long-distance skating event.

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  Lemmer has more than 10,000 residents and is a busy seaside location during the summer months. It is located right along the IJsselmeer and attracts tourists from many areas of the Netherlands. Lemmer is one of the most important fishing locations in the Netherlands.
Because of the water sports and the lovely beach, Lemmer attracts many tourists when the weather is good. During the summer, many tourists from all across the Netherlands come to Lemmer on holiday or for a day out.

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Marina Heeg Marina Heeg
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  This Frisian village is also called the eldorado for water sports lovers. Heeg is situated next to the Heegermeer and connected to all waterways in Friesland. As such, the village is very centrally located and has something to offer for every lover of the lakes. The village has several marinas and dockyards, rental companies, and excellent water sports facilities. The hospitality industry is well represented, because especially in the summer months the waterfront terraces are busy.

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Sail on the IJsselmeer from Heeg (1 week charter). Start your sailing holiday with a traditional sailingboat in the heart of Friesland, in Heeg. Visit nice and cozy places on the IJsselmeer with your holiday. Discover the history of the IJsselmeer in the villages, visit museums, experience the special culture ... This seven-day tour in the northern IJsselmeer takes you to Enkhuizen with the interesting open-air museum, to Medemblik, Hindeloopen, Stavoren , Makkum and Lemmer. With the flat bottom on the IJsselmeer from Heeg. With a traditional sailing ship in Friesland and on the IJsseleer, from Sneek, Lelystad, Makkum, Stavoren and Lemmer. Start your sailing holidays in Friesland (Heeg) and sail for a week on the IJsselmeer to visit some beautiful harbor towns. Rent your flat bottom boat in Leeuwarden and sail from various harbors in Friesland.

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