One week sailing on IJsselmeer (Markermeer)

1 week sailing vacation on IJsselmeer (Markermeer) starting Stavoren

Stavoren - Workum - Medemblik - Hoorn - Monnickendam - Enkhuizen - Lemmer - Stavoren

Saturday 12.00 - Friday 16.00 o'clock or Monday 12.00 - Sunday 16.00 o'clock

  7 overnachtingen, 6 Übernachtungen, 6 nights

1 week sailing on IJsselmeer starting at Stavoren


Places for the night:

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  The city of Workum is in the southwest corner of Friesland and is one of the oldest cities in the province. Workum has had city status since 1399 and is one of the Frisian eleven cities. A dug waterway, the Wymerts, linked the harbour with the Frisian inland lakes.
Workum has something for everyone, from Jopie Huisman to cosy terraces and from guild biers to natural values. You can enjoy the beautiful paintings from old iron and lamp merchant Jopie Huisman, but there is also a museum where you can get acquainted with Workum’s rich history.

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  Lying amidst peace and quiet and expansiveness is Medemblik, the oldest city in West Friesland. The Regatta Centre and Water Sports Museum, where national and international sailing competitions are organized, add international allure to the town.
The city has many museums; Castle Radbout, which dates back to the 13th century, occupies a prominent position. At the Baking Museum the most delicious delicacies are baked traditionally and at the Steam Mill you can learn everything about the evolution of the steam machine. Medemblik is also a stop for the Hoorn-Medemblik steam tram.

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  The past of the mighty Dutch East India Company in the 17th and 18th century with its beautiful ships maintained trade relations with Asian countries , you'll still see everywhere.

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  Up to the thirteenth century this area was under the influence of the Frisian Norbertine monastery, Mariëngaarde. Monnickendam probably takes its name from the monks of this monastery.
Monnickendam has four large marinas that are accessible from the Markermeer via the Gouwzee. The view on the historical inner harbour is determined by tjalks, clippers and botters.

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  The history of the United East India Company (Verenigde Oostindische Compagnie, VOC) is still clearly visible in Enkhuizen. In the 17th and 18th centuries, the VOC was the largest trading company in the world, sailing with its magnificent ships to East Asia for trade. The Drommedaris, the defense tower at the harbor, and the center with the historic buildings are reminiscent of this prosperous time.
In the open-air museum "Zuiderzeemuseum", we recommend a visit, craftsmen show their work and get an impression of life by the sea.

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  Lemmer has more than 10,000 residents and is a busy seaside location during the summer months. It is located right along the IJsselmeer and attracts tourists from many areas of the Netherlands. Lemmer is one of the most important fishing locations in the Netherlands.
Because of the water sports and the lovely beach, Lemmer attracts many tourists when the weather is good. During the summer, many tourists from all across the Netherlands come to Lemmer on holiday or for a day out.

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Open-air museum Enkhuizen Zuiderzeemuseum, open-air museum in Enkhuizen

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Sailing vacation IJsselmeer starting in Stavoren. IJsselmeer Cruise Sailing trip IJsselmeer (Markermeer). Flatboat sailing trip on the IJsselmeer starting in Stavoren, with Lemsteraak ELISABETH, sailtrip for one week, visiting several places as Workum, Medemblik, Hoorn, Enkhuizen, ... The open Zuider Zee was at that time as rich a breeding place for fishes as the Waddenzee today. The IJsselmeer is in itself a place of interest, with the heavy Afsluitdijk, that separates the Zuider Zee from Wadden since it's construction in 1932. It's oldest polder, the Wieringermeer, connected the island Wieringen to the mainland.

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