Lemsteraak sailing from Heeg, Friesland

Marina Heeg, mooring from Lemsteraak Zephyrus & Vollenhovense Bol Irregje Helena & Zeeschouw Trijemanskip

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Infos Heeg

Infos Heeg

There is something going on in Heeg all year round. It has an ideal location on the Heegermeer and on the numerous rivers. Once it was an old fishing village which later developed into a water sports village. Heeg is especially centrally located in Zuidwest - Friesland for cyclists and nature lovers. The apartments (mostly located directly on the water), the modern campsites, the group apartments, the hotels and guesthouses offer plenty of space for the numerous vacationers, especially in summer.

The cozy pedestrian zone with the various restaurants make Heeg what it wants to be: a water sports village with something for everyone.
To meet the demands, Heeg not only offers a sufficient supply for water sports, but also car and bicycle riders get their money's worth here. Mooring within the new pedestrian harbor or other marina, there are good sanitary facilities and it is very nice there.

Einkaufsmöglichkeiten/Restaurants in Heeg

Shopping facilities & restaurants in Heeg

Approximately 10 minutes by car from the moorings at Scheep engines Eeuwe de Jong (It Bûtlân 12, 8621 DV Heeg) there is a supermarket (COOP, Koaldyk 11, 8621 CN Heeg) . Here you can provide food. Furthermore, you will find var ious retailers for water sports equipment, clothing, souvenirs, ...
Various restaurants and snack bars are spread throughout the village.

Liegeplatz Lemsteraak Zephyrus und Vollenhovense Bol Irregje Helena & Routenplaner Heeg

Mooring place & routeplanner Heeg

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Routen- und Törnvorschläge ab Heeg

Itineraries and route suggestions sailing from Heeg:

Week Friesland Week IJsselmeer I
Week IJsselmeer II Week Waddensea

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