Week sailing on the Western Mud Flat

Waddensea (west), Sailing trip from Leeuwarden, 1 week

Leeuwarden - Harlingen - Terschelling - Vlieland - Texel - Makkum - Franeker - Leeuwarden

Monday 14.00 - Monday 9.00 or Friday 14.00 - Friday 9.00 o'clock

  7 overnachtingen, 7 Übernachtungen, 7 nights

1 Week on the way on the western Wadden Sea from Leeuwarden incl. Texel


Places to stay the night :

1. Night


  The only sea port of Friesland, certainly worth a visit to the ports with a large fleet is traditional sailing ships.

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  Terschelling is one of the largest Wadden Islands and the third inhabited island. Terschelling is considered as a bicycle island under the Wadden islands with 70 kilometers of cycle paths. Nice to visit: Café De Walvis, right on the beach, beautiful view of the mudflats, biking, forest walks, ...

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3. Night


  Vlieland is the smallest inhabited island of the Dutch Wadden Islands and is furthest from the coast. Vlieland is covered with greenery and offers many high dunes, long beaches, clear sea water and forests. There are no cars on this island. Beautiful sandy beach close to the port, ideal for children ...

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  On Texel you will find museums, nature, cozy restaurants, sights, the beach, the sea and no less than seven cozy villages that together make up the largest city in the Netherlands ...

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  Makkum is a place in the municipality of Súdwest-Fryslân, in the Dutch province of Friesland. Located on the IJsselmeer, it is known as a water sports resort and historic center.

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6. Night


  Franeker, the star of the Eleven Cities. In a unique location in the historic city center, let yourself be surprised by its eclectic character.

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  Proud capital of Fryslân. Hundreds of monuments, museums, large pedestrian streets, beautiful shops ...

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VVlieland Dunes and beach Vlieland Dunes and beach

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