Week sailing Friesland/Stavoren

One week sailing in Friesland from Stavoren

Stavoren - Workum - Makkum - Leeuwarden - Grou/Eernewoude - Sneek - Lemmer - Stavoren

Saturday 12.00 - Friday 16.00 o'clock or Monday 12.00 - Sunday 16.00 o'clock

  7 overnachtingen, 6 Übernachtungen, 6 nights

Sailing one week in Friesland from Stavoren


Places to stay the night:

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  The city of Workum is in the southwest corner of Friesland and is one of the oldest cities in the province. Workum has had city status since 1399 and is one of the Frisian eleven cities. A dug waterway, the Wymerts, linked the harbour with the Frisian inland lakes.
Workum has something for everyone, from Jopie Huisman to cosy terraces and from guild biers to natural values. You can enjoy the beautiful paintings from old iron and lamp merchant Jopie Huisman, but there is also a museum where you can get acquainted with Workum’s rich history.

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  The attractive boulevard and the lively old town centre provide numerous shops, atmospheric terraces, and good restaurants. Makkum has a large choice of accommodations, such as several campsites on the waterfront or at the farm, comfortable holiday homes, marinas, and (bed and breakfast) hotels.

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  Come to Leeuwarden and discover the "Royal City" of the north. The Dutch royal family has its origins in the capital of Friesland and from 1584 to 1747, Leeuwarden was the "Royal Residence" of the Netherlands. Many monuments in the city remind us of that time; the Frisian Nassau family has given a touch of royal allure to Leeuwarden ...

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Leeuwarden, Prinsentuin Lemsteraak VROUWE FRANCISKA in Leeuwarden, Prinsentuin ...
4. Night


  Grou, the picturesque water sports village in the middle of Friesland. A village with a unique historical character, where hospitality is paramount. There is a wide selection of cozy restaurants, a wide selection of shops and plenty of activities. Shopping, good food, sailing, cycling, cruises, museums and much more. Grou has lost none of its charm over the centuries, a very cozy place.

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Eernewoude, natuurgebied De Alde Feanen

  De Alde Feanen means The Old Fenlands in Frisian. Ancient peat plays the most important role in the history of this beautiful area. It has lakes, bog pools, narrow strips of land, reed lands, marshlands, rugged areas, thickets, swampy forests and expansive meadows. These form a beautiful cultivated landscape that has become a natural environment, with one of Western Europe's largest wetland areas – with an area of no less than 4,000 hectares – as its crowning glory.
It was once considered a worthless area, where residents lived in poverty. Over the centuries, it has been transformed into a unique landscape, influenced by human activity. De Alde Feanen National Park in the heart of Friesland offers a wide variety of landscape types, with many different plants and animals.

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  Sneek ranks third in terms of size in the province and is located in the municipality Súdwest-Fryslân. The city has about 33.000 inhabitants. With its central location in the lake area of the Waterland it is evident that this is a real water city. It performs a central role in the southwest region and was even the capital city in the 15th century. There is a lot to do around the water sports, but also for culture, fun, and nice cafés Sneek is the right choice.

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  Lemmer has more than 10,000 residents and is a busy seaside location during the summer months. It is located right along the IJsselmeer and attracts tourists from many areas of the Netherlands. Lemmer is one of the most important fishing locations in the Netherlands.
Because of the water sports and the lovely beach, Lemmer attracts many tourists when the weather is good. During the summer, many tourists from all across the Netherlands come to Lemmer on holiday or for a day out.

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Flatboat sailing trip Friesland, starting Stavoren, with Lemsteraak ELISABETH, sailtrip for one week, visiting several places as Workum, Sneek, Eernewoude, Lemmer, ... enjoy a nice tour around the frisian lakes and the frisian waterways, with the wind from a good direction you can sail many parts of this trip. Good for beginners, normally not to much wind inside Friesland ...

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