Week sail on the Dutch East Wadden Sea

1 Week sailing on the eastern Wadden Sea from Makkum

Makkum - Harlingen - Terschelling - Ameland - Schiermonnikoog - Leeuwarden - Makkum

Monday 14.00 - Monday 9.00 or Friday 14.00 - Friday 9.00 h

  7 overnachtingen, 7 Übernachtungen, 7 nights
Wadden Sea

1 Week sailing on the Dutch East Wadden Sea from Makkum


Places to stay the night :

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  Harlingen is one of the Frisian eleven cities and has about 14,800 inhabitants. It is the fifth largest town in Friesland. The only seaport of Friesland worth seeing are the ports with the huge fleet of traditional sailing and charter boats.

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  Terschelling is one of the largest Wadden Islands and the third inhabited island. Terschelling is considered a cycling island under the Wadden islands with 70 kilometers of cycle paths. Visit the Café De Walvis, right on the beach, beautiful view of the mudflats, biking, forest walks, ...

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Lorentzsluizen - Kornwerderzand Lorentzsluizen - Kornwerderzand
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  Ameland is a beautiful Wadden island. Pamper your senses with pure sea air, expansive views, soothing relaxation and culinary delights. An island with lots of nature, peace and space. Each season colors the island in its own way. There is also a lot to see and do in the cultural and sports area ...

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  Discover Schiermonnikoog, the smallest island with the greatest treasures. Take a walk across the widest beach of Europe, the harbor falls dry with low tide, ...

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  Dokkum, one of the historical places of the "Eleven Cities Race". Here you will find plenty of peace, space and Frisian hospitality. Cozy former harbor town, beautiful berths under the mills at the bastion ...

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  Proud capital of Fryslân. Hundreds of monuments, museums, large pedestrian street, nice shops ...

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  In the Middle Ages, Makkum became the name "gateway to the Zuiderzee". The once sleepy fishing village then flourished to become a major trading center with a golden age in the Golden Age of the 17th and 18th centuries. The city owes its prosperity, among other products, especially the burning of high-quality lime.

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Sailing to Ameland and Schiermonnikoog from Makkum, East Wadden Sea with a flat boat from Platbodemverhuur Friesland, Sailcharter company Leeuwarden. Sailing area Dutch Wadden Sea for flat bottom boats. Sailing area IJsselmeer for flat bottom boats, Enkhuizen, Lelystad. Sailing area Friesland IJsselmeer sailing with flatboats. Sailing area in The Netherlands yachts charter, Netherland,flat bottom sailing boats - Dutch Yacht Charter, Sailing to Ameland and Schiermonnikoog from Makkum, East Wadden Sea.

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